Village Halls Minutes 21/03/17



MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE HALLS COMMITTEE held on Tuesday 21st March 2017 in the Parish Room, Village Hall, South Darenth at 7.30 pm.


PRESENT:     Cllr Terry Moyle (Chairman)

Cllrs Peter Rushbrook (Vice Chair), I Blackamore, C Page, D Mitchell


IN ATTENDANCE: Heather Rohard, Parish Clerk, Dawn McFall Assistant Parish Clerk, P McGarvey District Councillor





Received from Mr Brian Lelliott (Short Mat Bowls) Mr M Crook (Valley Players)





58        MINUTES

The Minutes of the last meeting were confirmed and signed as a true record.



Replacement front doors: investigation ongoing to source composite doors with panic bars.


Goal Post: Saxon Place Community Association could make use of the 2 goal posts that are unused in the Jubilee Hall garden, however they are waiting for permission from SDC to install them on Saxon Place Green.


Roof works: the Roof works were completed in February. UKPN to come back 12th April to tidy cable and put on new box.


Trouble Shoot checklist for hall hirers: still to be completed.


Hall fees review: Completed, new prices added and changed on website.



To go ahead with replanting the Hanging Baskets for summer at a cost of £25.00 per basket, 8 baskets, total cost £200.00 was approved



No feedback from regular hirers had been received.



Replace cigarette boxes x3 around village hall. To go ahead with Amazon £17.28 each. Cllr Blackamore proposed, Cllr Page seconded and voted for unanimously.



Occasionally hirers have asked if there is Wi-Fi access in the halls. Cost was obtained from BT Phone Line £16.90 per month, unlimited calls £10.00 per month. Broadband Fibre £27.00 per month, total £53.90 per month, with the option to become a ‘Hotspot’. This would mean anyone with BT could log on including people outside the building. It was decided not to go ahead with this as we do not have many requests from existing hirers and have little capacity for new hirers and it may encourage youths to hang around outside. Cllr Rushbrook will bring in plug in boosters to see if they work in hall at the next Parish Council meeting.


The Infrastructure costs provided by Office IT support engineer John Turnbull were quoted at £1994 for cabling to both halls, Router, storage unit and set up for information.



The committee discussed what needed to be done in the Village Hall toilets to improve them; the following list is to enable quotes to be obtained for the work: Re-tile half way up all around, replace mirrors, repaint walls, replace toilet seats, waterless urinals, new flooring to come slightly up wall so allow removal of skirting board. Cllr Page requested that a bin is provided in toilets. There is £2,250 extra in the Budget as no business rates to pay this year due to Small Business rate relief being applied. Three quotes to be obtained.



Quote received from CMR Doors and Shutter to replace motor due to error showing when PAT Tested. Since this shutters have come away from wall due to ground settlement in the patio area outside the hall and CMR Doors and Shutters were called out to repair. Cllr Rushbrook suggested the fault may have been caused by shutter becoming loose so not to replace motor until re-tested. It was suggested that we check that there is a mechanical override incase motor is faulty and fails. It was noted that the gutters are full of leaves and because of this water is falling on to patio and washing out sand which may have caused settlement. Action – To ask Mark Ginno to clear gutters.   Cllr Rushbrook proposed that the repair to the shutter support be completed, Cllr Page seconded and voted for unanimously RESOLVED that £110 + VAT be spent to repair shutter support




The Terms and Conditions were reviewed and a number of alterations were to be made to reflect changes to the way the halls are operated now. Eg: Items left overnight in halls are at hirers own risk, vehicles parked at hirers own risk, piano no longer in the hall.

ACTION: clerk to update T&C



We are occasionally asked by a hirer if they can extend the hire past midnight. It was proposed that no extension be allowed.



Quotes were received from 3 companies to clean the upholstered chairs in the Village Hall and the Parish Room with stain protector added: APC Cleaning (£360) Mark Ginno (£90) Dirt Busters (£259.20). Cllr Moyle proposed Mark Ginno to be awarded cleaning , Cllr Page seconded, unanimous decision in favour.


68        FIRE DOORS

Quotes were received from 3 companies for new aluminium doors ranging between £1570 and £1395. Cllr Rushbrook commented that these were very expensive so we should get quotes for a wooden fire door including a rubber finger excluder. ACTION; Clerk to obtain quotes



P McGarvey drew out The Monday Club.

To look at changing the way this is decided next year. Add as agenda item to next Halls Committee meeting.


70        PLANNING


Darent House

The Street Horton Kirby


Proposed converstion of garage to a study and utility room




SE/17/00515 FUL

Traffic Island

North of The Lodge

Franks Lane

Horton Kirby

Change of use to residential living building, bench and shed


OBJECTION as follows:


Development of Greenbelt: there are no special circumstances to warrant development of this site which has never had any previous development on it except for previous attempts by Mr Carter that have been overruled by the High Court.


Visual amenity of the site: the proposal is a temporary dwelling but could then be used to argue for a permanent dwelling.


Design, appearance of materials: the temporary dwelling is not in keeping with the established surrounding housing on Dartford Road.


Traffic generation/highway safety: entrance to the site is close to the busy A225/Franks Lane Junction. As the site is ‘nil use’ we would expect there to be ‘nil traffic’ to the site but this is not the case; the KCC Highways response to this consultation is awaited with interest.


Loss of trees: the site has a TPO which has been breached in recent years to make way for a similar structure which was ordered to be removed by the High Court. There is therefore a retrospective loss of trees for this application that should be addressed and trees replanted.


Effect on Listed building and conservation area: Franks Hall is in close proximity and is a listed building with the grounds a ‘Registered Park/garden’ in the SDC Local Plan. The proposed structure is completely at odds with Franks Hall and its’ surroundings.


Incomplete application/information: Questions 11 & 13 have not been answered on the planning application


Mr Carters supporting Statement – our comments in response:


1 -8 Eco credentials of the proposed building to be allowed in the Greenbelt:  It would be more eco friending to the local environment to have NO building there, with attendant energy consumption and vehicles, waste and storage.

9, 14  Village Design Statement /SDC call for sites Local Plan consultation references : the design qualities of the proposed building not in keeping with any of the local dwellings; it is a temporary dwelling.  Trees have already been removed for the proposal and should not have been. The Parish no longer needs a local shop as the Co-op is now serves the local area from Esparto Way, South Darenth. Studio apartment proposals have not been submitted but this would be an unacceptable encroachment onto previously undeveloped Greenbelt land. The land has only become derelict under Mr Carter’s ownership with the site becoming an eyesore through the rubbish being disposed of on the land whether through burning or being left there. If the land is being used as a waste transfer site it should be subject to ‘change of use’ application or enforcement action by SDC.

10 Bench: there has not been any call by residents to provide a bench in this area that the Parish Council is aware of and carries no merit in terms of allowing the application. It is true that the area is appreciated as an unspoilt natural area and so this reinforces the view that no development should be encouraged at all.

15 Need for affordable housing: the Parish Council has not requested an Affordable Housing Survey as there has been sufficient development of brownfield sites in recent years within the envelope of the 2 villages (Millen Court, Horton Kirby and The Mill, South Darenth) the latter having a quantity of Social Housing available via West Kent Housing. There is a range of smaller properties that are already privately rented within the Mill and throughout the villages. We also have a range of smaller properties for older residents either privately owned and supported (Southdowns) or social housing also supported (West Kent Housing, Shrubbery Road).







Land East of Boyneswood

Mussenden Lane

Horton Kirby

Erection of stable building






The next meeting will be 23rd May 2017


Meeting ended at: 8.56pm