Village Halls Meeting Minutes 19/09/17




MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE HALLS COMMITTEE held on Tuesday 19th September 2017 in the Parish Room, Village Hall, South Darenth at 7.30 pm.


PRESENT:     Cllr Terry Moyle (Chairman)

Cllrs Peter Rushbrook (Vice Chair), C Page, Cllr Mitchell


IN ATTENDANCE: Heather Rohard, Parish Clerk




Received from Cllrs I Blackamore, C Willson, Mike Crook, Valley Players and Brian Lelliot, Short Mat Bowls





29        PLANNING


Hill Farm

Franks Lane

Horton Kirby



Conversion of agricultural barn to 6no two bedroom dwellings



SE/17/02803/HOUSE & SE/17/02804/LBCALT

Little Franks

Franks Lane

Horton Kirby

Kent   DA4 9JJ

Enlargement of an existing single-storey side extension and a slight increase in the height of the existing ridge line. Installation of dormer window and rooflight. Internal alterations and associated external works, including the removal of a section of garden wall to the rear terrace.




Horton Kirby Fire Station

Horton Road

South Darenth



Change the use of Horton Kirby Fire Station into a children’s day nursery. Removal of the old temporary outbuilding and erection of a wood cabin.

Advisory – Parking / Drop off plan




Plot 4

Grazing Land South of Viaduct Terrace

Horton Road

South Darenth

Erection of 3 stables and 1 tack room



30        MINUTES

The Minutes of the last meeting were confirmed and signed as a true record.



New Year Ballot advertising to be included in the November Newsletter

KCC Archiving: this is in progress but is not a priority



Planned work completed: RK Store room repair, Anti vandal painting to Grandstand and repair to fence at rear of Nursery garden with barbed wire and anti vandal paint included to deter further access to the garden.

Cllr Rushbrook asked if the VH fire door by the bottle banks had been repaired as it had dropped slightly; the Clerk confirmed this had been repaired by Swift Windows service engineer.


The Village Hall decorating had several snagging items that had been raised with the decorator, who was booked to return in the summer holidays but despite reminders from the clerk did not attend.

Members directed that he should be given 7 days to agree to attend the next available school holiday, 23rd -27th October to complete the snagging issues. If he is unable to do this the £500 withheld from payment of his invoice will be retained.


Should it be necessary to find another decorator to finish the work to advertise locally; Cllr Rushbrook offered to meet any interested decorators to show what needs to be rectified. ACTION: Clerk


For the outstanding work in the Lobby, corridors and side rooms, amended quotes will be requested from the contractors who tendered for the work originally and from any interested decorators locally. ACTION: Clerk


Drain covers: Cllr Rushbrook explained that water had tracked into the Jubilee Hall via the shutter casing due to poor drainage into the gully; he will change the size of the pipe to a wider diameter to cope with very heavy rain.


Grab rail at entrance to Office; Cllr Rushbrook has the materials and will complete this work and will liaise with Clerk on best time to attend. ACTION: Cllr Rushbrook



Riverside Nursery are currently experiencing lower numbers and do not need the Jubilee Hall on Friday mornings. Cllr Mitchell suggested that the mornings 9am to 1pm should be offered as a block for Oct/Nov/Dec at a special rate £300 to anyone who may have a use for it temporarily. ACTION: Clerk to contact current hirers and clubs and advertise.


34        JUBILEE HALL

The Befrienders Group is planning to hold a Christmas Dinner in the Jubilee Hall this year, however, one difficulty they faced last year was lack of crockery, having to borrow this from the Cricket Club. The Clerk suggested that crockery and cutlery is purchased for the Jubilee Hall it could be stored securely and only used if booked for an additional fee. This would avoid any casual or careless use.


Cllr Page will investigate what charges are made when hiring crockery for the HASARA dinner and inform the committee of an appropriate charge to make. If the scheme is successful in the Jubilee Hall it could be introduced for the Village Hall as well.

RESOLVED: to purchase 55 plates and bowls and 56 sets of cutlery from Wilko at a cost of £222.50




The shutter over the door leading to the patio area had failed several weeks ago; the usual shutter maintenance firm could not be contacted and assumed no longer trading. The Clerk obtained 3 quotes for a new motor from different firms and liaised with the Committee by email to expedite the repair as the shutters protected vulnerable doors to vandalism or break-in.


The quotes were: KBM Shop Fitters £400 -500, Spitfire Shutters £450 -500 and Quay Facilities £680 + VAT. Spitfire proved the most helpful and local of the 3 and one of the cheaper quotes. The Committee ratified this decision to instruct Spitfire Shutters to carry out necessary works.


On inspection the casing to the shutter had distorted and need additional work at £275 + VAT in order to re-fit the existing shutter; this was an unavoidable cost.


The servicing of the other shutters in the Jubilee Hall and Village Hall was carried out at a reduced fee of £200 and was ratified by the Committee as a prudent expense and necessary to ensure the safety of property and hall users. The repair and servicing work was concluded on 19th Sept.


A report from Spitfire Shutters is awaited for consideration at the next Committee meeting.



3 quotes were considered for the refilling of winter/spring flowers for the Village Hall 8 x 16 inch hanging baskets.


Mills Nursery £26.95 + VAT Lothlorien £27.50 + VAT and Harringtons £36


Mills Nursery supply the baskets for The Bridges pub that always look very good and members agreed that they should be asked to do the baskets this season. Cllr Rushbrook offered to take the baskets down and transport to Mills who have said they will deliver back free of charge.


Cllr Page recommended that the baskets should be 18inches to ensure the plants are kept at their best; members suggested that the nursery be asked for advice on this and if a better option, to go ahead with the larger baskets at £28.95 + VAT plus the cost of new baskets estimated at £12 each

RESOLVED that £231.60 be spent on refilling baskets and £100 be spent on replacing with larger baskets if necessary.


Should the 16in baskets be redundant these are to be given to Cllr Page to use for sale for the benefit of St Mary’s or the RBL



The need for refuse collection was considered and the costs involved. Members recalled how bins in the past have been abused with rubbish being left beside the bin that was then opened by foxes causing unsightly mess. The current method of ensuring that hirers remove their own rubbish should continue, but office rubbish and occasional rubbish removal included on the new Cleaning Contract specification.



The cleaning needs of the hall were reviewed and a new specification discussed which would be used for inviting tenders for Cleaning the hall starting April 2018. Quotes should be returned for the Committees consideration at its next meeting in order for the 2018/19 Budget to be set. ACTION Clerk


Members requested that the Recreation and Open Spaces Committee be invited to consider whether the Cleaning Contractors should be invited to quote for Cleaning of the Public Toilets and Pavilion and Gatekeeping costs should current staff member decide to retire during the 3 year Contract date.


The next meeting will be 21st November 2017.


Meeting ended at: 8.40pm