Village Halls Committee Minutes 13/09/16



MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE HALLS COMMITTEE held on Tuesday 13th September 2016 in the Parish Room, Village Hall, South Darenth at 7.30 pm.


PRESENT:     Cllr Terry Moyle (Chairman)

Cllrs Peter Rushbrook (Vice Chair), I Blackamore, C Page, C Willson

Mr M Crook (Valley Players)


IN ATTENDANCE: Heather Rohard, Parish Clerk,





Received from Cllr D Mitchell and Mr Brian Lelliott (Short Mat Bowls)



Cllr Rushbrook and Cllr Blackamore declared a pecuniary interest in Maintenance Matters.


23        MINUTES

The Minutes of the last meeting were confirmed and signed as a true record.



CIL funds from SDC: confirmation still awaited for suggested expenditure to external doors in Village Hall

Replacement front doors: investigation ongoing to source composite doors with panic bars. CMR Doors have said they will look into.

Goal Post: Cllr Blackamore asked whether Saxon Place Community Association could make use of the 2 goal posts that are unused in the Jubilee Hall garden: ACTION: Clerk will ask.

Village Hall Fencing: The Parish Council’s insurers had visited and stated that the fencing is fit for purpose as security fencing for which it was intended and fitted. Riverside Nursery were already hiring the hall when it was installed and could have input to the type of fencing chosen. Riverside Nursery should ensure that they have their own Risk Assessment and Insurance in place. A copy of Insurance has been requested from the Manager to keep by the Clerk.



A number of maintenance items had been completed or scheduled to be completed: Roof works had been completed over the summer holidays and shutter repair to the Jubilee Hall chair store. A door closer and handle had been replaced and a new sinks, taps and unit had been installed as a matter of urgency following a breakage at an 18th Birthday Party.


The barge boards to the eaves of the Village Hall Roof are still in need of repair and could not be addressed whilst the Roof works were completed due to the electrical cable entering the building through the south facing board; UKPower Networks have quoted £398 to move the wire providing that ‘scaftagged’ scaffolding is available for their work and the roof is boarded to avoid any damage to the flat roof. RESOLVED that the electrical wire should be moved to accommodate any future work and that the work be scheduled to fit in with contractors working on the bargeboards who must provide the scaffold and boarding.


Cllr Rushbrook recommended have the rotten ends replaced before having the boards UPVC clad. With 2 quotes already to hand Cllr Willson proposed that a budget of £5220 be used for this work and was seconded by Cllr Page. RESOLVED that £5220 be set aside for this work to be completed. ACTION: Clerk to obtain further quotes for consideration at next meeting.


The hanging baskets have been well received over the last year and the Committee RESOLVED to have the baskets replanted at a cost of £25 each for winter.


Roof wire safety system Building Control at SDC had confirmed that the system was unnecessary on the Jubilee Hall and did not form part of the buildings planning regulations; it was therefore safe to remove the wire which could easily be cut off and would not attract the £1455 charge by Safa Systems to decommission. Cllr Rushbrook offered to do this. RESOLVED that the wire system be removed.


Refresh paintwork in Village Hall: Quotes would be needed to budget for this next year. Cllr Page offered to contact the decorators used last time for quotes.


Projectors for halls: the idea to have projectors was discussed and the possible uses including a Cinema/Film club however the committee felt that there should be evidence of need and asked that community involvement be sought. The focus should be on the Village Hall as it has the largest capacity.

Cllr Page commented that the Village Hall chairs were uncomfortable and would not be appreciated when used for any length of time such as watching a film.


New Christmas Decorations: The current decorations are now 12 years old and need replacing. Cllr Page offered to look into options and suggested after Christmas sales to find good deals.


Bottle banks/recycling modules:

SDC Recycling manager had requested that the trees entering the car be cut back to enable to the collection vehicles easier access. The Clerk would arrange for the trees to have any low hanging branches to be trimmed by the grounds contractor.


The Clerk reported that the bottle banks and cardboard recycling unit have been overflowing regularly and has been keeping a record of when calling SDC to ask for them to be cleared. Sometimes it can take several days or up to a week for the module to be emptied with bottles collecting on the ground or cardboard sticking out of the module; both of which could be hazardous.


Cllr Rushbrook suggested that another bottle bank could be fitted in and may alleviate the problem. ACTION: clerk to discuss with SDC the option to add another bank and impress the need for the banks to be emptied more often.



Quotes were compared for the necessary remedial works following the Legionella Risk assessment: Defluo £3538, Samcon Ltd £3149.97, Surevent £2600 JA Projects £1825.71. RESOLVED that JA Projects quote be accepted and that work be completed during October half term week.



Brian Lelliott confirmed that the club committee had decided that it will not be opening on Sunday evenings between April and September next year as they have found that Bowlers are making use of the outside Bowls Green during the summer months. He reported that the doors to the under stage storage cupboards have warped over time and are proving difficult to keep shut.



The lights have caused annoyance by producing an intermittent beeping sound. The source had not been located. Cllr Rushbrook offered to look at them and determine the problem. The LED option would be explored further once he had looked at them.



Cllr Rushbrook left the meeting.


The Clerk explained how minor maintenance issues would be better dealt with on a cyclical basis over the year and pre-empted rather than waiting to be reported as a problem by a hirer or herself. The cleaning contract did not include maintenance but Mark Ginno had been doing small jobs in order to keep the halls in good running order. However he was increasingly busy with other work and not always able to fit these extra jobs in.


The Clerk asked the committee to consider tendering for a maintenance contractor as soon as practical with consideration for the other buildings under the Parish Council’s care but in the meantime use Cllr Rushbrook who had a wealth of maintenance experience and knowledge to carry out the outstanding jobs.


The Committee considered this a good idea, as a temporary measure only and agreed that any jobs under the Clerk’s £300 emergency spending threshold, to include materials and nominal labour charge of £10 an hour could be requested to be completed by Cllr Rushbrook. Declaration of Interest to be registered with SDC Monitoring Officer.


NB After referring to Kent Association of Local Councils the Clerk found that this arrangement was flawed and was rescinded 12/10/16 as a Councillor may not undertake any paid work for the Council unless they have successfully tendered for a contract. Receipted expenses may however be claimed.

30        PLANNING

Cllr Rushbrook returned to the meeting.



The Co-op Food Building, 25 Horton Road, South Darenth DA4 9BD

Variation of condition 4 (Opening hours) of SE/13/03232/FUL

(Change of use to retail shop (A1) and 2no.commercial units (B1/B8) units on the ground floor and 8 no. offices on the first floor, including 17 owned parking spaces (=additional shared parking spaces). Internal and External alterations and refurbishment) to 0700-2300 on Mondays-Saturdays and 0700-2300 on Sundays and Bank Holidays


OBJECTION: The Parish Council objects to long opening hours as the shop is in a very quiet residential area in the evenings and would create a disturbance with traffic and cars being parked nearby. The original plan was supported on the grounds of reduced opening hours. Suggested hours compromise of Mon – Sat 7am to 10pm and Sundays/Bank Holidays 8am – 9pm subject to any local residents feedback



Pemba, The Street, Horton Kirby

Removal of 2 existing outbuildings to front of building (protruding into street). Creation of 2 storey L shaped side extension. To include new double garage and office to ground floor and accommodation to first floor. Internal rearrangement of both floors to improve layout of internal spaces.





The next meeting will be 15th November 2016


Meeting ended at: 8.50pm