ROS Minutes 27/02/17



MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE RECREATION AND OPEN SPACES COMMITTEE held on Monday, 27th February 2017 in the Parish Room, South Darenth at 7.30 pm.


PRESENT:     Cllrs James Stewart (Chairman)

I Blackamore, R House, C Page, M Stead


T May, M Burroughs (SD Football Club)

Steve Kitcher; Resident of Millen Court


IN ATTENDANCE:   H Rohard, Parish Clerk



Received from Cllr C Willson and Mr M Mason



None were declared.


RESOLVED that the Minutes of the last meeting held on 19th December 2016 be approved and signed as a correct record.




List of assets and maintenance schedule to be drawn up: this is in progress


Franks Lane River bank new plans: application to be made by Clerk



Avenue House Invoice: still outstanding despite 2 reminders being sent by email and post. Members requested that a letter before action be sent. Outstanding.


Allotment Inspection: Letters to plot holders regarding trees to be sent out.


Barbed wire on Court Lodge fence and River trap: Clerk has emailed to owner but no response has been received as yet.


Signs for Picnic area: wording to be sent to Lothlorien to have made up and installed.


Car park hatching: quotes to be obtained


Car Park Business Rates: The Clerk has contacted the Valuation Office for a re-valuation to be carried out in order that Business Rates are accurate.


Burial ground/Garden of Remembrace letters: to be sent


All other action points had been completed.

Whilst there are a number of actions outstanding it was agreed that the Playground proposals were the priority along with Car park issues at Westminster Field.



Parking restrictions are to be introduced to the Millen Court residents car parking. This may have an impact on car parking in Westminster Field. Millen Court have also asked if bollards could be installed in the KCC verge in The Street to keep sightlines clear when leaving the access road junction; this request is being progressed by Cllr Roger Gough.


Mick Burroughs suggested investigating renting a neighbouring field as an overflow car park on football days and event days; he stressed that the car park problems are year round and not just in football season. He agreed to count the number of vehicles using the car par associated with football matches.


ACTION: Clerk to contact landowner ref overflow car parking.


The steps to the river in the picnic area had eroded over the winter; an interim measure of filling with ballast was agreed however a more permanent solution should be agreed with the Environment Agency who gave some advice previously.




151       HEATHSIDE

Playground quotes had been received and ranged between £88 -£103K. A further quote was awaited. Fencing the new playground area was discussed and whilst coloured fencing would be preferred, plain galvanised metal would be cheaper initially and to upkeep in the future.


Lead time for installation of new playground would be between 8 -12 weeks so it is possible that it could be installed in time for the summer once the public consultation at St Georges Day feedback has been considered.


The possible development of changing rooms and community space building in Heathside was discussed; the Football Association has visited and MB said that he would let the Clerk have the funding pack from them. MB intimated that a club member or associate may be willing to put in private funds. The estimate for a 250sm building was put at around £340K with the FA potentially offering 40-50% of this.


A focus group meeting was set for 20th March 7.30pm to progress matters and would report back to the ROS committee/Parish Council as appropriate. The group is: Cllr Stewart, Blackamore, Rushbrook, Page, House and M Burroughs, Dan Hedley from SDFC


St Georges Day display for the public consultation was discussed and costs to be approved by the Parish Council: ACTION Agenda item.


Trim Trail items that were beyond repair have now been removed.



There were no maintenance issues to consider.


153      PLAY AREAS

Ancillary items from the playground at HK School were suggested that they be brought to the Village Hall and used in the garden and then repainted by DTS students on their volunteer day in July.

Shrubbery Road Play area; the outcome of the SDC Call for Sites process was awaited. Cllr Stewart thought it may be possible to strike a deal with whichever firm wins the Heathside contract to provide equipment very cheaply or at cost for a second site and would investigate.


Play boulders were discussed as an addition to either the picnic area or the wider field however members were keen to see Westminster Field kept as natural as possible and felt the river was attraction enough and certainly popular with locals and visitors alike.



24th April 2017





Meeting ended at 9.15pm                                Chairman