Parish Council Meeting Minutes 6/06/16





6th June 2016 in the Village Hall, South Darenth at 7.30 pm


Present:  Cllr C Willson (Vice Chairman in the Chair)

   Cllrs R House, D Mitchell, T Moyle, C Page, P Rushbrook, M Stead, J Stewart,



Cllr P McGarvey, District Councillor

Cllr R Gough, County Councillor


Members of the public: D Jack, P Eaton, M Dunn (DRiPS) D & A Hollands, R Fournel


In attendance: H Rohard, Parish Clerk



Received and accepted from Cllr I Blackamore who was away on holiday.






The minutes from the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 10th May 2016 and Parish Annual Meeting 10th May 2016 were confirmed and signed as a true record.


16           MATTERS ARISING

Flytipping: Awaiting outcome of SDC recruitment for new Waste Enforcement Officer. John Evans, KCC will be involved with their training and will link the new Officer in with the Parish Council to work on this matter.


Highways outstanding matters: Cllr Roger Gough to update following meeting from January. HGV Signs, White Gates, Interactive speed board position (Speed surveys requested), Horton Road speed review.


17           POLICE MATTERS

PCSO Douse was unable to attend and no report had been emailed.



Malcolm Dunn reported that there is still activity ongoing at Eglantine Lane bore hole site and he would monitor it for another month or so. This was in response to a request at the Annual Parish Meeting that the entrance to the site be tidied up.

The construction placed in the river at Westminster Fields by NWKCP has still not been removed; the Clerk will mention this to the project manager for removal.


Correspondence was received from a resident in Franks Lane; his driveway is regularly flooded due to the drainage problems on the road. Cllr Gough had been copied in to Mr McAplines email.


Information was received regarding the Lower Thames Consultaion; responses are being analysed and preferred route expected to be made by government later this year.


The monthly report from CXK was shared for May. Attendance had been low due to school holidays and exam revision.



The latest approved Minutes of the committee were received for information.



Cllr McGarvey reported that his term as Chairman of the District Council had now come to an end.

SDC MasterPlan is being put together in readiness for huge redevelopment in Swanley & Hextable, attracting a huge amount of investment and involvement. The demolition of the Working Men’s Club and Meeting Point are a first part of this regeneration scheme, and any building or rebuilding now will have to fit in with the overall MasterPlan.

Cllr McGarvey has been involved in the discussions already, to ensure that interested parties (including the developers and SDC) recognise that some of the CIL monies will need to come out to the surrounding villages (especially Farningham, Eynsford, HK&SD and Crockenhill) as there will be infrastructure requirements here too.



Cllr Gough reported that he had spoken to the Drainage Engineer, John Vigor  regarding Franks Lane who had looked at the problem in February. Resurfacing the road to improve drainage was the likely solution (not a soakaway)  and would be taken forward.


Time restriction signage at Horton Kirby School, Forge Lane is being dealt with by SDC Parking Engineer and will be resolved by December.


There is an annual push to fill potholes over the next few weeks following later payment from the government; KCC will be using local sub contractors. There are some issues with KCC main contractor that are being addressed.


Cllr House raised the matter of Saxon Place Parking, commending Sharry Madden KCC Enforcement Officer for her role in trying to find a solution and requested that it be on the next Parish Council Agenda for an update. ACTION


Dave Hollands (SPCA) commented that work had started on pedestrian dropped kerbs despite Highways dept having agreed to put it on hold whilst the vehicular crossings were being resolved. He was able to stop any work being done and outlined the ongoing problems with the makeshift parking arrangements on the green.



The results were received for discussion; 78 questionnaires were completed.


Would you like to see white gates positioned at the entrance to the villages? 70.5% in favour.

Cllr Moyle was concerned about the placement and cost of installing/maintaining these and whether they worked as a traffic calming measure. The approximate cost was £750 per gate. Discussion about general traffic speed and pros and cons of chicanes and 20mph limits/zones.



Would you like to see more play equipment for children and where/what kind? 75.6% in favour.

A list of ideas and where equipment was compiled and will be passed to the Recreation and Open Spaces Committee to inform future decisions about the Parish Play areas.


Would you like the Parish Council to spend more money on keeping the river path clear between the Bridges Pub and Westminster Fields? 75.6% in favour.

This would be passed to the ROS Committee for consideration.


Would you like the Parish Council to spend more money on keeping the path clear between the Village Hall and the school? 75.6% in favour.

This will be passed to the ROS Committee for consideration should the need arise for intervention in future; KCC enforced the hedge cutting last year and there have been no complaints this year.


Cllr Moyle commented that he had recently reported the footpath parallel to the A225 as being overgrown and had been pleased with SDC response with the vegetation cleared within days.


Cllr Rushbrook reported that the hedges on the path towards the school were very overgrown at height and were a hazard to the power cables that run overhead. Clerk would report to UKPN. ACTION


Cllr Stewart stated that the path surface next to the river was very uneven and solutions should be investigated as part of any developing maintenance plans. Malcolm Dunn reminded the Parish Council that the Fishing Lakes owned the East bank of the river as well as the West bank.


Do you have the newsletter delivered to your door? 82% yes

Do you read it? 82% yes

Do you find it useful? 86% yes

Suggestions for what could be included were compiled and 2 volunteers identified from the surveys who would be willing to help will be contacted.


Would you like to become more involved in the Parish Council and the decisions it makes?

4 people gave their details to help and would be contacted.


Are you aware of the things the Parish Council are involved in? 64% yes and 25.6% no

Do you know how much of your council tax money goes towards the Parish Council? 38% yes and 52.6% no An article in the next newsletter giving percentage and amount for Band D house to be included. Include details of how to find out how money is spent.


Are you aware Parish Councillors are volunteers and time given? 74% yes and 18% no


Are you a member of the Parish Council facebook group? 26% yes and 69% no

Cllr Mitchell commented that this proves that facebook is not representative of Parish residents.

Did you know the Parish Council has a website? 61.5% yes and 23% no

This confirmed that the Website is the main advertising space for the Parish Council.


Do you attend St Georges Day event? 100% yes

Do you attend Fireworks Display? 65% yes 23% no

Do you think the Parish Council should run other community events? 43% yes 17.9% no

Following the suggestions on the surveys Cllr Mitchell had investigated the cost of having an ‘Inflatables’ afternoon which would be in the region of £1000 and could provide staff to supervise. Dates available 15/17 July or 21st August. This would be discussed at another meeting to enable a decision to be made.


Where do you live? 23% Horton Kirby 60% South Darenth and 9% Sutton at Hone 5% others


If you are under 18, would you be interested in setting up and being involved in a Youth Parish Council?

6 young people gave their details. ACTION Clerk to look into how a youth council is set up and contact the young people.



Cllr House and Cllr Rushbrook had attended Planning Training with KALC in May. Cllr House reported that they will be drawing up a checklist to aid decisions and will share with other Councillors.


Neighbourhood Planning is being heavily advertised to raise awareness; a link to the Neighbourhood planning website had been forwarded to members ahead of the meeting for information. Cllr House and Rushbrook proposed that the Parish Council should lead a Neighbourhood Plan for this Parish.


Cllr House offered to lead and pull a team of people from the villages should the Parish Council vote in favour. Cllr Willson suggested details on costs and time be investigated and brought back to the September meeting for formal vote. ACTION: Cllr House


Cllr McGarvey explained that it could be a positive statement on what the Parish would like to see happen in their neighbourhood. Farningham will join with Eynsford should they decide to lead a Neighbourhood Plan there. Estimated costs between £5 – £10K which include surveying costs, ground work, printing and time spent on the project.



Notes from the DVC meeting 13th April had been circulated to members before the meeting for information. Date of next meeting will be 6th November at 7pm in Farningham Village Hall.


Farningham has committed to support The Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme with 3% (£1000) of its annual Precept for each of the 5 years of the scheme from 2017/18. Rick Bayne, project manager has asked that other Parish Councils consider support at a similar percentage.


Members discussed work that was already being paid for in the Parish which will support the objectives of the scheme and could be considered as match funding. ACTION: Clerk to liaise with Rick


Paramout Effect: The London Resort Company Holdings, developing the London Paramount site has assured the consortium that the valley route would be included in future traffic movement assessments.



Schedule Of Accounts

RESOLVED that the schedule of accounts, as submitted, be approved and payments made accordingly.


Annual return for Year End 31/3/16

The Annual Governance statement and Accounting statements on Annual return, following Internal Audit were signed ready to be submitted to the External Auditors.


CIL funds held with Sevenoaks District Council:

SDC have CIL surplus funds following the building of the Jubilee Hall using s106 agreement from The Mill Development. The Funds must be used for community facilities comprising all or any combination of:


An extension to HKSD Village Hall to provide additional accommodation or an alternative to be agreed in writing
Improvements to the open space to the rear of HKSD Village Hall
The provision of play equipment outside the confines of the site but within half a mile of the Development.


After discussion members identified the following projects that are already being considered and would fit within the restrictions:


Replacement doors for the Village Hall

Electrical supply and light for Heathside entrance

New play equipment at Heathside


The approx. £9,000+ could be split between the 3 projects. ACTION: Clerk to liaise with SDC


26           PLANNING

The following planning applications were considered:



1 Russell Terrace

Lombard Street

Horton Kirby


Removal of small window to side flank wall and the installation of 2 new windows




Willow Cottage

Dartford Road

Horton Kirby

Conversion of existing garage to an annexe


This was a retrospective application which the Parish Council had already objected to. Although the plans were requesting the moving of a door from the original plans the objections still stood.

OBJECTION: Overdevelopment of Green belt.


Cllr House had received information that 26 East Hill had submitted a proposal under permitted development rules which still posed a significant reduction of daylight to the neighbours living rooms. Members supported an email being sent to the planning officer to express concern that this would be detrimental to the neighbours and should be reconsidered. ACTION: Clerk



Cllr Rushbrook commented that the picnic area had been left in a mess after someone had had a BBQ and left rubbish and clothes behind. A review of the Byelaws are already underway with eth ROS Committee. A newsletter item would be included to explain that signage and byelaws are being reviewed.




4th July 2016



The meeting closed at 9.20pm