Parish Council Meeting Minutes 06/02/17




6th February 2017 in the Village Hall, South Darenth at 7.30 pm


Present: Cllr Blackamore (Chairman)

R House, D Mitchell, T Moyle, C Page,

P Rushbrook, M Stead, J Stewart.


Members of the public: Malcolm Dunn (DRiPS), D Carter, B Carroll,

and 25 other members of the public. PCSO Douse, J Wheeler (SDC)


In attendance: H Rohard, Parish Clerk, Dawn McFall Assistant Parish Clerk



Received from Cllr C Willson (Vice Chair)






The minutes from the Parish Council meeting 4th January 2017 were confirmed and signed as a true record.



Reed Cutting in River Darent: Cllr Moyle reported that this had been done in January. Cllr Rushbrook commented that the river was very narrow at the Station Road Bridge and was interested to know how this could be tackled. Also further upstream near the Scout Hut, the river was in danger of eroding the scouts’ land and could also be managed better. The Clerk will be contacting NWKCP and EA to enquire what can be done.

Buildings Maintenance: ongoing

Speedwatch training: The Clerk has registered interest online for the volunteers and waiting for Speedwatch to get in contact to arrange training.

Darent Valley Landscape Partnership: The Clerk is still to put forward additional ideas from Councillors for the Parish projects to the Partnership.


All other actions points had been completed.


150         POLICE MATTERS

PCSO Douse reported that there continued to be young people out causing a nuisance; An unmarked Police car has been used in the area and as a result young people had been collected and taken home as they were out very late at night. Drivers using mobile phones had also been caught.

Speedchecks had been completed at Station Rd and Horton Road with an average recording of 34 -36 mph.

The public were encouraged to report any moped drivers carrying passengers to 101 with description of driver and bike.

2 Horses had been dumped (one dead and the other left to die) in School Lane; no evidence or information has been given as yet but would be welcomed; anonymous information can be given to 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

Specialist roles and changes to the PCSO service are in the pipeline; more information to be given when available.



Member of the public queried the traffic lights in use in Horton Road; there had been no notification to the Parish Office; the Clerk would check how long they would be in place and whether they had permission from KCC Highways.


He also reported the user of a model aeroplane in use over PROW DR41 had lost control, with the craft flying too low with him almost being hit and on a second occasion his dog on lead almost being hit. The plane operator did not appear to be a member of the club and the member of public was concerned that unauthorised use of the field had happened and putting the public at risk. The Clerk would contact the club to ask to investigate and with Darenth Parish Council as to who licences the Club.


Mr Carter raised the issue of a disagreement he has with SDC and alleged that a compulsory purchase order was in place which Cllr McGarvey refuted.


152         PLANNING

The Chairman brought this item forward in the Agenda. 3 letters of Objection were received by the Chairman in relation to The Green House and 3 letters of Objection in relation to Land North East of Croft House.



The Green House

The Street, Horton Kirby


Proposed two storey side and rear extensions with internal alterations


Plans were viewed by members and discussed. Cllr Rushbrook proposed that the Parish Council raise an OBJECTION as follows: The proposal would be an overdevelopment of the site creating density and infilling of a gap between existing houses.

The design is not sympathetic to the Conservation Area.

There is insufficient parking (1 space) for the proposed size of dwelling.

Carried unanimously.



Land North East of Croft House

The Street, Horton Kirby

Erection of two dwellings


Plans were viewed and discussed. Cllr Rushbrook proposed that the Parish Council raise an OBJECTION as follows:

Adequacy of parking – tandem parking impractical and insufficient for size if proposal

Impact on Conservation Area

Highway safety: Proposed entrance onto blind bend on The Street

The proposed entrance would mean off street parking loss of spaces for Bexley Cottages with impact on Highway safety.

Last dwellings on this site were removed in the 1950’s; modern car usage means that The Street has considerable more pressures in terms of parking and traffic particularly with the popular Fighting Cocks pub.

Carried unanimously.



13 Russell Terrace

Lombard Street, Horton Kirby

Erection of a single storey rear extension

Plans were viewed and discussed. Cllr Rushbrook proposed NO OBJECTION. Houses in Russell Terrace have had similar plans approved as long as in keeping with age and design of original houses. The application was sympathetic to the Conservation Area,

Carried unanimously.



153         FLYTIPPING

Jack Wheeler, Environmental Enforcement Officer for SDC outlined his investigative role since starting with SDC last summer. There are approx. 100 flytipping incidents per month in the District and he has around 45 reactive investigations open. 6 people have been contacted and 2 arrests have been made.

He has recently started working with Swanley Police to spot check Waste Carriers Licences are in place.

He is also involved with the Kent Forum for enforcement which links with other districts and across county borders.

Cllr Moyle had reported flytipped household rubbish on the A225 and Jack confirmed that a letter to the householder responsible would be sent and must be replied to.

Cllr Mitchell asked whether the Parish Council could do anything to support SDC work; signage had been requested before. Jack said that he would have signs delivered for the Parish Council to put up around the villages.

Cllr Rushbrook had interest from some residents in forming a network of private CCTV cameras and would be exploring the idea with Jack in the coming weeks.

A member of Public asked where commercial rubbish could be taken and for this to be publicised.

Cllr Blackamore will put a list together for inclusion in the Parish Magazine.


154         HALLS COMMITEE

The latest approved Minutes of the committee were received for information.



Cllr McGarvey reported that the SDC Precept would not be higher that 2% or £5 increase (Band D).


The ‘Call for Sites’ last year yielded many areas put forward by land owners but the majority will not pass all 5 tests for allowing to be built in the Greenbelt. These restrictions are however being looked at. Brownfield sites are now being called for with Oak View Stud Farm being a possible candidate.



Cllr Gough reported that the verges by Millen Court in The Street were owned by KCC and would support bollards being installed, although if to be funded by his members grant this would need to be in the new financial year.

Salt bins in Glebe Place and Montgomery Road will be installed shortly.


Interactive speed sign placement is ongoing.


Kent County element of Council tax will be going up by 2% plus another 2% as the Social Care precept.



A request had been received by Millen Court Management company representative Jade Skates for bollards to be installed on the grass verges in the Street. Residents of Millen Court found that the entrance to their car parking areas were often congested with parking on the verges which impaired sight lines when leaving the parking areas.

The Parish Council had no objections but recognised that this may unfortunately impact further on the parking issues in The Street. Cllr Gough will be progressing this with Millen Court residents.



Information was received as to how the Parish Council could participate in the consultation; details would be advertised on the website and facebook. The Parish Council response to be co-ordinated by the Clerk. ACTION


159         STREETLIGHTS

With one streetlight changed over to LED in Horton Road to good effect, Cllr Rushbrook proposed that as others needed maintenance that there be a gradual switch to LED instead of replacing like for like.


Streetlights (Contractors) recommended that it was better aesthetically to change all the lights in one road with the existing working lanterns being held in stock to replace others broken elsewhere. Cllr Stewart suggested starting with Horton Road where the new LED light was situated.


With LED lighting still advancing in technology and coming down in cost Cllr Rushbrook proposed that individual lights be replaced with the SL1W lanterns (£295 + VAT) rather than convert existing lanterns to LED (£195+ VAT). SL1W lanterns were more difficult to vandalise due to their size.

Cllr Mitchell seconded. Voted unanimously.

RESOLVED that broken or vandalised streetlights owned by the Parish Council should be replaced by SL1W lanterns (or equivalent) so that LED lighting be phased in gradually throughout the Parish.


160        YOUTH MEETING

A report had been circulated to members from the meeting held with West Kent Communities regarding the Youth Services on offer to the Parish through KCC contract in the District. The model of work was explained, which did not provide a regular youth meeting point.

WKC had offered to attend the St Georges Day to try to establish a Youth Forum in the parish to enable ideas for projects in the area to be taken forward.

Since the meeting Clerks for the group of Parishes (HKSD is part of the New Ash Green Group) have arranged to meet with the WKC manager to see if weekly sessions could be ‘bought in’ from WKC. The outcome of that meeting will be brought back to the Parish Council for consideration.


Cllr Stewart explained that the priority for the ROS Committee has been to identify a new site for a play area following the closure of the school playground. Resident surveys both online and at 2016 St Georges Day gave a list of ideas for what should be included. Several play equipment firms were due to visit to quote and draw up plans ready for 2017 St Georges Day and public comment. He also raised the idea of using a Play specialist Project manager who had been recommended who could potentially save money. A budget was still to be approved by the Parish Council but Cllr Stewart needed to get quotes in order to see what approximate costs would be.


Cllr House explained the concept of the potential wider development of Heathside and how the playground would be part of it. Cllr Mitchell queried why Heathside had been chosen and not Westminster Field which was also a popular choice by residents to see play equipment being installed. Cllr Stewart responded that there were several reasons; it flooded frequently, is part of the Horton Kirby Conservation Area and only play equipment of very low visual impact would be considered for planning permission, and the land did not belong to the Parish Council.


Cllr House proposed that Heathside be approved by the Parish Council as the focus for development. Cllr Stewart seconded and was voted for unanimously.


Cllr Stewart proposed that the Playground be the first step of the any development in the future. Seconded by Cllr House and was voted in favour unanimously.




This item was covered during discussion regarding the Playground proposal but in its early stages and with South Darenth Football Club help with links to the Football Association/ possible funding for sports changing rooms, food servery area and public toilets. Car Parking would been to be created. No reserves have been allocated to any of the project or playground proposals until approximate costs and possible funding streams have been explored.




KCC has asked for comments on proposal by land owner to make changes PROW DR28 (part) DR29 (part) DR44 (part DR46, DR47 and SD47. The changes were to divert the paths to field boundaries to allow more effective and better land management.

The Parish Council raised no objections.



The Service Level Agreement was still awaited from KCC in order to start tendering; Farningham Parish Council had expressed an interest in joint tendering. ACTION: Clerk to progress.



Cllr House provided and written and verbal report on his attendance at the Housing Forum which is an introduction the Districts’ pressures on local housing as follows:

This meeting provided a first sight of the key outline research results taken from the survey. It is not to be seen as the main presentation, just the introduction.

The housing strategy will be launched in the autumn.

The research is about underpinning the evidence base to inform planners of the housing requirements in numbers and type of housing.

Affordable housing is a well-used phrase but in Sevenoaks the income streams required that would relate to affordability of current house values are between £70,000 – £90,000 p.a.

The population growth projection is estimated at 20% up to 2039.

Older residents comprise a critical element; age 65+ are projected to increase from 21% now to 26% in 2039. Likewise those aged 75+ are anticipated to increase from 9.5% to 15% in the same period.

Looking at the housing types; there appears to be a sufficient supply of 4bed properties but insufficient 1-2 beds and 3 bed properties across semi and detached. There is also perceived to be a demand for more bungalows.


  • Support for older people
  • Info to assist older people to move
  • Detached houses
  • Bungalows
  • Affordable properties where there is currently an imbalance of 850 in the supply chain.

The survey results will eventually give us data at ward level from which the parish councils can see potential hotspots and clues to the level and type of demand anticipated. End


The Local Plan Greenbelt presentation slides were also available to Members for information.

An opportunity for Cllr House to attend Neighbourhood Planning Training was approved at a cost of £72.



Schedule Of Accounts

RESOLVED that the schedule of accounts, as submitted, be approved and payments made accordingly.



Cllr Mitchell had not received any items from Scouts/WI and asked the Clerk to chase up.

Flytipping information would be included.


Cllr Stead volunteered to assist with looking after the content of the website; the Clerk would email the log in details and any relevant information.



Monday 6th March 2017


The meeting closed at 9.40pm