Parish Council Meeting Minutes 05/09/16




5th September 2016 in the Village Hall, South Darenth at 7.30 pm


Present:  Cllr Blackamore (Chairman)

   Cllrs C Willson (Vice Chair) R House, D Mitchell, T Moyle, C Page,

   P Rushbrook, M Stead, J Stewart.


Cllr P McGarvey, District Councillor

Cllr R Gough, County Councillor


Members of the public: D Jack, P Eaton,R & C Fournel, M Ellis


In attendance: H Rohard, Parish Clerk



Received from M Dunn (DRiPS) and Cllr Ingrid Tennessee, District Councillor






The minutes from the Parish Council meeting 5th July 2016 were confirmed and signed as a true record.


51           MATTERS ARISING

Matters arising are listed as Agenda items.


52          POLICE MATTERS

PCSO Douse reported that vehicle crime had increased over the summer, bikes have also been stolen and vans broken into. This is a usual spike in this type of crime due to the availability of boot sales to off load stolen goods.

An incident where a dog was attacked by another dog and killed is being investigated.

A stolen car was left burned out in Rabbits Road.

There had been a lot of calls a resident who was giving cause for concern; the resident is accessing support needed as a result of visits by the Police.

Post has been stolen in Esparto Way and several other places in Sevenoaks have been targeted.

3 new PCSOs have been recruited but for now PCSO Tim Darling should be taking over from PCSO Douse in October.




Roger Fournel asked whether a weight restriction sign could be put on the Franks Lane bridge; the Clerk explained that she had been informed by KCC that due to the narrow width of the bridge it was unlikely that any heavy vehicle would be able to get on the bridge to cross it and so no sign was necessary.


Susan Dove commented on the new gate installed at the Saxon Place Play area that it was too near the road; Cllr Blackamore explained that the siting had been discussed with the play ground company before being installed and was safe as the gate cannot be pushed open from the inside. It was also moved to allow the Community Association to formalise the football goal which would not be within safety standards due to its’ close proximity to the old gate. Cllr Blackamore suggested that the ROS Committee review the matter at its’ next meeting. Cllr Willson offered to call Dave Hollands to discuss further.


Correspondence was received from:

Mr Tatlock by email concerning the number of accidents at Franks Lane junction with the A225 and the speed of traffic. Cllr McGarvey and Cllr Gough had been copied into this correspondence.


Invitations to a Planning workshop on 29/9/16 would be taken up by Cllr House.


Cllr Stewart would be attending the KALC meeting on 9/9/16 concerning the ‘potential for Parish involvement in KCC highways soft landscape provision’


Local Transport Plan 4 Consultation from KCC will be forwarded to Parish Councillors by email to take part.


Cllr Page reported that is the summer a contractor for Crabtree had been working on trees and allowing the debris of large logs to fall into the river; she reported this to the Environment Agency who responded promptly and visited the site.



The latest approved Minutes of the committee were received for information. The Burial Ground Inspection will be taking place on the 8th Sept at 10am with Cllr Blackamore, Page and Stewart attending.



Cllr McGarvey had requested feed back from the Police regarding the accidents at Calfstock Lane/Franks Lane and A225.


The Planning Appeal regarding 26 East Hill had been shared already with the Parish Council.


A large habitable structure had been erected on Traffic Island at Franks Lane; SDC Enforcement Officer had served notice that it must be removed within 7 days.



Cllr Gough reported that he had requested crash records and the results of speed checks a few years ago. Before any change to the speed restriction can be made, data is the first stage.


HGV signage had been agreed for the Station Road Bridge and at Franks Lane.


Another drive to fix potholes is being advertised and if there are any in the Parish for KCC to be informed.




A report from a meeting held 21/7/16 regarding the drop kerbs and issues had been circulated to members.


At the last Parish Council meeting it had been asserted that residents did not want the parking to be addressed; at the meeting on 21st July Dave Hollands brought a petition along which had been signed by 52 residents (representing 38 homes) to show their support for 2 sides of the green to be levelled to create parking spaces. Cllr Mitchell asked what percentage of residents did this represent; Sue Dove stated that there are 75 houses in Saxon place.


Cllr House summarised that with residents reinstating fences rather than be faced with a bill to have the kerb dropped as authorised parking, there will be more cars competing for spaces around the green and on the pavements. There had been informal discussion about the possibility of trying to find funds to have this work done. Possibly the Parish Council could contribute to such a scheme.


As KCC have spent so much time on this project already they are determined that it will be seen through; WKHA are meeting with all their residents individually and assisting where possible. Cllr Gough confirmed that he would also consider ‘priming the funding pot’ should.


Cllr Blackamore said that the first stage would be to see how much of a problem has been created around the green once the drop kerbs had been installed and asked that this information be found out.


Cllr Mitchell stated that it would seem that the problem would only get worse and that the question should be does the Parish Council want to make a contribution? After some further discussion and invitation by the Chair to make a proposal Cllr House proposed that £10,000 be set aside in the next Budget to contribute towards parking on the green. Cllr Rushbrook seconded. 5 voted against the proposal with 4 in favour.


After further discussion on the matter Cllr Moyle suggested that it be considered at a future date that funds be made available as a general parking solution fund to which any area in the Parish could benefit from. ACTION: for the November Agenda.


58          ALLOTMENTS

The Heads of Terms was received for information and discussion. The Clerk explained the overage clause which states that 20% of the increase in value following future change of use would be payable within 80years. As the intention is for some of the land to be a Burial Ground it is unlikely that there would be any increase in value due to an application for change of use. There is no intention to change the use of the Allotments area.

The acting solicitor had advised on having a water and drainage search which was agreed and the ownership of the hedge bordering the pathway along Horton Road will also be raised as a query.



An invitation to put forward a member for the Advisory Board was considered and feedback on the structure of the proposed Board.


The Parishes were split into 3 areas of Upper, Mid and Lower Valley with an opportunity for 1 Councillor to represent their area. HKSDPC fall in the mid area with 9 other parishes.


There were no volunteers for this role from HKSDPC.



Clerk on meeting with the Anti Social Behaviour Officer for SDC was advised that a Youth Steering Group is a good way to engage with young people and gain their input for decisions the Council makes.


Cllr Mitchell reported that Cllr Stead, Blackamore and Stead had met with the CXK Youth services manager to explore ideas for a Youth Pub which would be a less structured weekly event, providing a safe place for young people to meet. An estimate from CXK to run 1 session per week (currently 2.5 hours) was between £2-3K per year. Cllr Mitchell estimated that a set up cost of about £6-8K would be needed to provide equipment.facilities. Cllr Mitchell suggested that more information be brought before Budget setting. The current service is due to finish in November funded by KCC.


Cllr Stewart had received information about Police Funding up to £1K towards projects for young people or promoting community safety. PCSO Douse said she would happily support an application made by the Parish Council.


ACTION: Arrange another meeting with any interested Councillors to progress matters.


61           FIREWORKS

The arrangements made so far were discussed and Cllr Rushbrook agreed to take on the overall organisation of the event.


RESOLVED that £1250 be spent on the display.


62          FLYTIPPING

The clerk had met with the new Waste Enforcement Officer for SDC who was aware of the Parish’s problems with repeated flytipping and where it was occurring.

He will be working closely with other agencies and neighbouring authorities to gather intelligence and had ordered CCTV/signage for areas being targeted. He would keep a record of the number incidences in the Parish and report them when requested.

A press release had been provided by SDC and would be included in the next Parish Magazine.



Insurance Renewal: year 2 of 3 year Long Term Agreement premium was approved at £ 6458.15


Schedule Of Accounts

RESOLVED that the schedule of accounts, as submitted, be approved and payments made accordingly.


S106 surplus held with SDC: No response has been received to date to confirm when money would be paid to the Parish Council for the projects proposed in line with the original agreement made.


64          PLANNING

85 New Road,

South Darenth


Demolish existing garage and the erection of a 1 bedroom attached house and single storey side extension to existing property to enable the covered walkway.


OBJECTION: to the infill between 2 terraces which will impact the street scene.



Communication via facebook had been generally positive. The newsletter deadline for copy is 30th September.


PCSO Douse asked if the Equine crime prevention even could be advertised on facebook.



3rd October 2016.


The meeting closed at 8.50pm