Parish Council Meeting Minutes 05/07/16





5th July 2016 in the Village Hall, South Darenth at 7.30 pm


Present:  Cllr Blackamore (Chairman)

   Cllrs R House, D Mitchell, T Moyle, C Page, P Rushbrook, M Stead, J Stewart,


Cllr P McGarvey, District Councillor

Cllr R Gough, County Councillor


Members of the public: D Jack, P Eaton, M Dunn (DRiPS), R & C Fournel, M Ellis


In attendance: H Rohard, Parish Clerk



Received and accepted from Cllr C Willson who would be arriving late due to Scout commitments.



Cllr Mitchell; financial matters.



The minutes from the Parish Council meeting 6th June 2016 and Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting 20th June 2016 were confirmed and signed as a true record.



Flytipping: SDC appointed an Environmental Enforcement Officer in late June and the Clerk has emailed to make contact.


Youth Council: Clerk is looking into how this is set up and will report back at next meeting.


CIL Funds held with SDC: Expecting a response to proposals made 6/6/16 by end of this week and will feed back to both committees.


Planning: Permissible Development Certificate application at 26 East Hill had been granted. Cllr House commented that there needs to be some policing of permissible development and that the Parish Council should write to our MP to explain why the law needs a review. He encouraged SDC to do likewise.


All other action points completed.


37          POLICE MATTERS

PCSO Douse reported that she had followed up a report that the bus stop in Franks Lane was loose.


An article in Sevenoaks Chronicle had reported that 2 roads in South Darenth had the highest number of crimes reported; this was entirely due to domestic violence reports which the Police cannot intervene if not asked to.


PCSO has visited Sutton at Hone School to encourage considerate behaviour around the villages.


Reports of rough sleeping in Westminster Field had been received and PCSO is checking up on this.


Sarah is joining the Kent Police officers in August and will be handing over her PCSO duties to Tim Darling who has worked in the Parish in recent years. Unfortunately he will be shared with Crockenhill and Well Hill.


The Chairman thanked Sarah for her hard work in the Parish and wished her well in the future.


Mrs Ellis raised the matter of the Parking bays outside the co-op with one bay being directly outside the entrance to the shop. She had reported the matter to Co-op Head Office.


Cllr Moyle reported that coaches were being parked on double yellow lines at Station Road by the Bridges pub. Cllr McGarvey recommended that SDC be contact as it is a Parking enforcement issue.


An email had been received from Kent Police explaining that the Mobile Police Stations have now stopped with Officers being deployed to other roles to ‘support operational demands’. Although this news was met with dismay, Sarah stated that the opportunities were not used and were proving to be a waste of time.



It was reported that a fridge left outside the Jolly Millers pub was an eyesore; the Clerk will ask that it is removed.


Franks Lane verges and trees were reported as being very overgrown by Mr Fournel; Clerk will report to KCC Highways Steward. Cllr House stated that a lorry had got stuck in Franks Lane as it could not get over the narrow bridge and suggested that appropriate signage be requested. ACTION


An email to advise that the Joint Transport Board had decide to set aside the objections received to the parking proposals for South Darenth during the statutory consultation and proceed with their implementation. This will happen July/August this year.


An email was received to request that lighter colours are used on the cover of the Parish Magazine as the print was difficult to read on a darker background. Cllr Mitchell agreed to use white in future.


Maps of the ‘Call for Sites’ exercise had been received from SDC which showed the sites put forward in the Parish. Cllr McGarvey commented and provided this written statement to be shared on facebook as suggested by Cllr Mitchell:


'In respect of the unnecessary alarm recently caused through what I can only classify as a publicity disaster …

The Sevenoaks Chronicle report and SDC’s published document were in response to SDC having issued a “Call for Sites” – which was a request to any and all interested landowners to advise SDC if they (the landowners) had any plots of land which they (the landowners) might at some time wish to be considered for building [homes] on, now or in the future.

Contrary to public misconception and media hysteria, it was not an invitation to submit planning applications and nor was it an indication that SDC would look any more favourably on these sites thus put forward. It won’t.
SDC already recognises that in almost every plot suggested throughout the whole District in this “Call for Sites”, planning permission would never be given – and that “presumption against approval” still applies to sensitive Green Belt sites.

Although it was hoped by SDC that some viable new plots might have surfaced, in the end this was largely a wasted exercise, District-wide, as hardly any viable sites emerged.

For your further peace of mind, none of these sites have had Planning Applications submitted, and they are unlikely to – as there is still plenty of Brown Belt still available throughout the Sevenoaks District (Brown Belt plots are those that are or were previously built upon).

It has been reported that some developers were submitting planning applications on some of these sites that they don’t even own (yet), but this folly is totally untrue. It would be sheer madness to obtain planning permission on a site that you don’t yet own, because that would put its value (and selling price) up, so no developer would want to enhance the value of a plot they have not yet bought!'


39          HALLS COMMITEE

The latest approved Minutes of the committee were received for information. Cllr Mitchell asked if all Parish Councillors could receive the Agendas for the Committees in case they would like to attend if an item was of interest.



Cllr McGarvey had nothing more to add to statement above.



Cllr Gough reported that he had taken a tour with Julian Cook for KCC Highways to progress the speed surveys, approve a site for the speed device and HGV signage.

He confirmed that the White Gates could be part funded if the Parish Council decided to request them.



A report from the meeting with WKHA, SPCA, KCC was received with regards the vehicle crossovers to residents gardens for parking. WKHA will press ahead with passing this cost to their tenants however, SPCA reported that this will result in residents reinstating their fences and not using their gardens, parking instead in the road. In trying to maximise the parking available KCC had been asked to cost formalising the ad hoc parking on the green. To create 24 parking spaces, horizontal to the roads/green boundaries this would cost £38,000. For diagonal parking it would double the cost.


Cllr House had attended the meetings and suggested that the Parish Council consider part funding the horizontal parking to try to encourage other partners to part fund as well.

Cllr Mitchell responded that it was a lot of money for 24 parking spaces. Discussion about type and other parking created elsewhere between Councillors. Cllr McGarvey suggested it would be prudent to consider when budgeting for next year if any contribution could be made. Cllr Mitchell suggested ‘green parking’ might be a cheaper option. Cllr Gough will ask for costings from Highways for this.


The PCSO reported that residents had said to her that they did not want the parking issues to be sorted out as they did not think it was a problem. Cllr House responded that there had been several meetings with residents who clearly thought there was a problem however he will check with SPCA and report back.

ACTION: Cllr House and Cllr Gough



This was a popular idea amongst residents from the St Georges Day Survey however there were a number of concerns that had been raised by members including cost, positioning, number of entrances to both villages, and whether they actually work as a traffic calming measure.


Cllr Stewart proposed that the gates should not be installed. Carried unanimously.


44          ALLOTMENTS

Cllr Stewart reported from the Recreation and Open Spaces Committee that the offer to purchase the Allotments and the parcel of land currently being leased to Wide Horizons had been offered to the Parish Council to purchase for £45,000 by Strutt and Parker agents for the landowner. This valuation for 2.27acres had been checked by the Clerk, verbally with Caxtons (surveyors). The legal costs via KCC Legal Services would be approx.. £1000 – £1200.


Cllr Stewart explained that the smaller parcel of land could be held in readiness for when a new Burial Ground would be needed in future; there are approximately 70 grave spaces left at the Horton Kirby site. The lease could be continued to Wide Horizons in the interim.


Cllr Stewart proposed that the Parish Council purchase the Allotments and additional parcel of land. Carried unanimously.

RESOLVED to purchase the allotment site and additional parcel of land for £45,000.



Schedule Of Accounts

RESOLVED that the schedule of accounts, as submitted, be approved and payments made accordingly.



Changes to the list of Parish Councillors were needed to reflect new Chair and Vice Chair.



5th September 2016. There will be no Parish Council meeting in August.



The meeting closed at 8.30pm