Parish Council Meeting Minutes 03/10/16




3rd October 2016 in the Village Hall, South Darenth at 7.30 pm


Present:  Cllr Blackamore (Chairman)

   Cllrs C Willson (Vice Chair) R House, D Mitchell, T Moyle, C Page,

   P Rushbrook, M Stead, J Stewart.


Cllr P McGarvey, District Councillor


Members of the public: Malcolm Dunn (DRiPS) and 10 members of public

In attendance: H Rohard, Parish Clerk



Received from Cllr R House, Cllr Ingrid Tennessee, District Councillor and Cllr R Gough, County Councillor.



Cllr Rushbrook and Page declared pecuniary interests in Financial Matters.



The minutes from the Parish Council meeting 5th September 2016 were confirmed and signed as a true record.



Youth Club meeting: this action from last meeting is still outstanding.


71           POLICE MATTERS

PCSO Douse reported that stolen vehicles had been found at Calfstock Lane and a stolen moped had been seized in a separate incident.


Theft from external post boxes continues to be a problem and is a widespread issue.


A criminally active family from Swanley are now imprisoned and it was hoped there would be a fall in local crimes as a result.


A speed check has been requested for Saxon Place by a resident which the PCSO will arrange.



Malcolm Dunn reported that DRiPS had their AGM on 8th September. Their aim for the future is to safeguard the future of the river by working closely with NWKCP and Parish Councils throughout the valley. Cllr Moyle stated that less than 50% of the ‘wet channel’ at the Station Road bridge was visible due to reeds. Malcolm would check when the reed cutting would be taking place.


73          HALLS COMMITEE

The latest approved Minutes of the committee were received for information.



Cllr McGarvey reported on the recent KALC meeting which KCC attended to request that Parish Council’s consider whether to take over grass cutting their KCC managed verges, hedges etc.


Cllr McGarvey asked that if the Parish Council requested that Planning application for 85 New Road be referred to the Development Control Committee that new material considerations be submitted as the objections raised previously had been overcome. There were no new considerations to raise.



Cllr Gough was not available for this meeting.


76          ALLOTMENTS

The acting solicitor had advised the following:


There is liability on the Parish Council to erect and maintain stock proof fencing along all the boundaries of the land being purchased and along the sellers retained land; this was more than the map indicated in the Heads of Terms. Members discussed this point and agreed that a post and rail fence was deemed the most cost effective option for the boundaries abutting the hop gardens (south of land) and the open fields (East of the land). The length hedgerow between the purchased land and the footpath in Horton Road would become the Parish Council’s.


The overage liability of 20% for any uplift in value after change of use had been granted would apply until 2096. This is payable as many times as there are disposals or changes of use. As there are plans for part of the land to become a Burial Ground some distance in the future this was viewed as a necessary expenditure that could be planned for rather than the uncertainty of cost or being able to secure land in the future.


There are no rights applicable. It may be that pipes and cables pass under the land or that the allotments, for example, a water supply from an adjoining property. These would not be usable under the currently drafted document. The allotment water supply is thought to come from the farm irrigation system so it would be necessary to connect a supply with Thames Water. The search made by the solicitor showed no Thames Water supply on the land.


The instructions of the Parish Council would be given to the solicitor to progress the purchase.


77          FLYTIPPING

No figures for the Parish were available for September at the time of the meeting.


Cllr Willson reported that there seemed to be a change in tactic with flytippers apparently spreading the load along roads rather than in one spot.


Cllr Blackamore commented that Franks Lane had not suffered any flytipping since the CCTV signs had been erected.


Flytipping on private land was discussed which is outside of SDC scope for clearance or enforcement action. The site at the corner of Station Road and Dartford Road has attracted mounds of rubbish in recent months.



Cllr Stewart and Blackamore had attended the branch KALC meeting and reported to the Parish Council on the KCC request that Parishes take on the cutting of KCC owned/maintained ‘urban’ verges and hedges. KCC cut these areas 8 times per year (reduced from 10 in previous years) and will be reduced further to 6 cuts next year. KCC


Maps had been circulated to members on which showed approximately 7,310m2 of ‘urban’ grass, 103m2 of hedges and 24m2 of shrubs. The maps had been updated by KCC before this exercise started, however, there were several discrepancies identified that would need to be addressed.


KCC offered Parishes to take on the work and for the amount currently paid to contractors of 2p per m to be paid to the Parishes according to the number of cuts when the agreement is made. If KCC reduce cuts in the future then that would reduce the funds being passed to Parishes.


Cllr Rushbrook asked if the Parish Council could pay KCC for extra cuts rather than take on the responsibility. This has not been offered as an option at this stage.


The idea of a cluster of Parishes sharing the contract expense and management was discussed however no one Parish would want to be burdened with co-ordinating such a huge task. Cllr Mitchell asked whether KALC would co-ordinate but whilst they may facilitate meetings they would not take on the management of something for Parishes.


Cllr McGarvey offered to email all the Parishes to see what response there was to KCC’s proposal so far. In the meantime if the Parish Council budgeted to allow for the possibility of taking this on it need not be spent but would be available when making a final decision once more information was available and interest from other Parishes gauged.


ACTION: Estimates for budget setting to be gathered for the ROS meeting 31/10/16


79          A225 –SPEED & VOLUME OF TRAFFIC

Cllr McGarvey had been sent statistics about traffic volumes on the A225 (in 2014). Also statistics on crashes throughout Sevenoaks (up to 2015), though the A225 does not feature in the worst hotspots.


The traffic regularly is brought to a standstill whenever there is congestion on the M25 due to the number of vehicles trying to avoid other busy roads and using the A225 and local roads as a cut through. Cllr Gough (KCC) is aware of the issues that have been highlighted.


Cllr McGarvey is due to have a site meeting at Calfstock Lane and will keep the Parish Council informed of any developments.





Cllr Page reported that there will be an Armistice Day service at the Village Hall on the 11th November followed by refreshments in the Jubilee Hall. The Remembrance Day service will be on the 13th November and may be the last time that the local Branch will be in Parade. The Branch committee have now retired and finding new members to take over the Branch and the running of the hall is proving difficult.


81           FIREWORKS

Cllr Rushbrook reported that lighting for the crowd and the firework display were organised. The Scouts were ready to help with as many volunteers as needed. Cllr Willson would be liaising. Cllr Moyle offered to deliver fliers to the school and post up adverts around the villages. Advertising would be in the Parish Magazine and on Facebook.



Schedule Of Accounts

RESOLVED that the schedule of accounts, as submitted, be approved and payments made accordingly.


S106 surplus held with SDC: No response has been received to date to confirm when money would be paid to the Parish Council for the projects proposed in line with the original agreement made.


83          PLANNING

SE/16/01974/LBCALT and SE/16/01973/FUL

The Co-op Food Building

25 Horton Road

South Darenth



Change of use of vacant first floor and part ground floor and alterations to form 8 x 2 bedroom apartments, with formation of ground floor entrance hall and stairs, 2 x internal car parking spaces, cycle store and refuse bay, external alterations, and use of 10 external allocated parking bays (and additional shared parking spaces). Internal and external alterations and refurbishment. Alterations to fenestration and the installation of roof lights.


Cllr Rushbrook had reviewed the plans with Cllr House; a similar application had been submitted before which was objected to on grounds of the Parking problems experienced already by residents of The Mill and the commercial units. The 10 allocated bays appear to already be allocated or shared with the Co-op which means they are already fully in use or useless – the parking under the wooden structure opposite the Co-op entrance cannot be used as there are parking spaces behind it which blocks entry or exit from those spaces.


Cllr Mitchell asked what could be an alternative use for the building; commercial units or offices would need to have parking for employees. (the application cites that the property has been advertised as a commercial space and not received any interest).

Cllr Blackamore proposed that the Parish Council raise an OBJECTION on grounds on insufficient parking. Carried unanimously.






Communication via facebook had continued to be generally positive. The November newsletter is going to print in the next week and will be delivered to volunteers before the last weekend of October.


Cllr Willson reported that 8 gas bottles had been stolen from the Scouts secure storage areas; within hours of reporting the incident on facebook offers of donations to help replace them prompted a fundraising page to be launched. £830 was raised within a day and will enable Scouts to replace the bottles and refill them and review the secure storage. Any surplus funds will go towards the groups activities.



7th November 2016.


The Chairman requested that the public leave.




The meeting closed at 9.45pm